Do you want more positive energy at your event, in your home, or office? Over and over again collectors and business owners report feeling happier, healthier, and more motivated with-in minutes of the painting's arrival. I've heard testimony after testimony of miraculous wind falls of money, love, and creativity after an energetic painting is installed. Everything is vibration. We attract what we want through vibration. Sometimes holding our own vibration high enough can be challenging. Especially if we are multi-tasking at work, home, or experiencing obstacles. These paintings are designed to give you, your colleagues, and family the added encouragement and  boost needed to sustain higher frequencies of light. In a subtle way, the vibrations continue to affect the environment thus holding the frequency in place long enough for your physical, mental, and emotional body to integrate the new light energies. Everyone who patrons your business, colleagues, family members, friends, or those who attend your event are affected in a positive way. When they come into contact with these light frequencies their own vibration is affected. The manifestation of more harmonious interactions with one another begins to happen naturally. To rent or commission please contact me directly. 001.760.884.9003