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​Abstract Painting

Ellen Benfatti is passionate about combining color and movement to initiate vibrational frequencies. These frequencies move beyond the painting into the surrounding environment to bring a feeling of wellness. Ellie currently lives just a few miles west of Sedona Arizona. Ellie believes art in public places inspires every age to connect to their own creativity. Her passion is exposing the public to the high frequencies her paintings thus encouraging a greater connection to their own unlimited potential. Ellie received her education in art therapy at UCSD where she's certified in Art and the Creative Process. Ellie's paintings have exhibited in the USA and Europe. "Let There Be Light" is one of the most recent pieces painted while in Italy. Ellie recently returned from a solo exhibition in Italy where she lived and painted. She painted 30 high frequency paintings in 30 days. "Let There Be Light" is one in the collection of 30. 

​​​​Artist Statement       

My intention as an artist is to take a flat surface with edges and corners and transform it into and endless interactive field of energy. This energetic field helps to transmit information that is recognized by the individual on both the conscious and subconscious levels. My hope is to create an interactive experience that extends beyond time and space allowing each color combination to spontaneously communicate to the individual a memorable experience.  If the painting is a success the individual feels the affect of the painting’s energetic impact. The color combinations are chosen spontaneously and many times the unique combinations of color that emerge surprise me.  At times the colors pull me so strongly I’ve wondered who’s painting the piece, the paint or me? Along the way I’ve learned to trust the process.   I was inspired early in my career by collage.  I like to include the qualities of collage in my approach to the blank canvas. I enjoy allowing some form of “not knowing” to be included in the process. My greatest joy as a painter is to push beyond what I know into the “not knowing”. I recognize the powerful impact and harmony that is created by the unique color combinations that emerge from “not knowing”.  My goal as an artist is to move the collector emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I hope my work helps to bring the collector to a place that encourages more imagination, inspiration, and harmony in their life. I’m passionate about how the creative process brings healing to individuals and society. I received my education in Art from UCSD. 



 What's An Abstract Vibrational Painting? 

Each of the modern paintings are created with the intention of shifting and altering the surrounding environment. There's something unique about paintings that have been painted from an inspiration formed by vibration. Allowing the vibration to direct the flow of color and placement on the canvas does have its unique rewards. Ellie has been working with energy and vibration for fifteen years. It brings her great joy to use canvas as a transmitter.