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What I enjoy most about being an artist is the process of evolution. My work has changed quite a bit over the past decade. Moving beyond the fear of change and embracing it is one of the scariest emotions anyone can face. As an artist I'm not immune to that fear. In fact, there are some schools of thought that an artist should remain in the same genre until they "make it". This insures they are recognized by their peers and the public. My response. Why be an artist? Isn't being an artist about liberation and the freedom to explore creative expression? Although my art has changed over the past decade the thread of continuity remains. My message has always been about making a connection to the unseen realm, observing that connection, and then allowing it to manifest on canvas. I trust my collectors will enjoy watching the evolution of my art while continuing to collect. I continue to strive toward creating work that inspires both the artist and collector.

Color carries a vibration. Those vibrations speak to us. My hope is to speak to the collector through color vibration in a way that leaves them with a lasting emotional set point.

My intention as an artist is to take a flat surface with edges and corners and transform it into and endless interactive field of energy. This energetic field helps to transmit information that is recognized by the individual on both the conscious and subconscious levels. My hope is to create an interactive experience that extends beyond time and space allowing each color combination to spontaneously communicate to the collector a memorable experience.  If the painting is a success the collector feels the affect of the painting’s energetic impact. 

​​Everything Is Vibration

"Imagination and Creativity Are The Corner Stones Of Every Genius"

Ellen Benfatti

Evolving As An Artist

Ellen Benfatti Contemporary Fine Art